Successful corrosion and ARPD control in oil production

The processes of oil producing, gathering and preparation are complicated by the complex problems related with asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD). Accumulation of ARPD in the flow of oilfield equipment, and at the inner surface of the pipes leads to a reduction of oil production, decreasing repair-to-repair period of wells’ working and working efficiency of pumping units. The volumes of paraffin deposits can vary from very slight, to such an extent that increase the cost of operation and repair of wells, at the same time decreasing their productivity. Many years practice of operating of the wells producing paraffin oil, shows that it is impossible to solve oil optimization questions without holding the works for preventing and removing of ARPD in oilfield equipment, lifting pipes and flowlines.

There are different methods of controlling paraffin deposits. One of promising control method is chemical method of using ARPD inhibitors. The method of inhibitor control is very technologic. However the efficiency of well-known ARPD inhibitors is insufficiently high, large reagent consumption per ton of oil is required. One of the most promising methods for inhibitors creation is the directed synthesis of surface-active compounds. This method is high-technology and labour-consuming. In this regard arises the need to create reagents of complex effect – inhibitors that are more efficient in ARPD control, comparing to efficiency of separate reagents that have such a qualities as corrosion control, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. During the last years, Himipex Oil held a number of successful scientific researches and developed a series of new reagents of the fifth generation for oil and gas production and processing industry, that have not only high detergency properties for removing the ARP (asphalt-resin-paraffin) and other types of deposits, but also are effective corrosion inhibitors in the extracted ( one-, two- and three-phase) liquids. There are inhibitors of «DEFENDER» series. According to their performance and technological properties our developed reagents take a worthy place in modern global market. At present moment Himipex Oil company is carrying large-scale implementing projects for oil and gas industry for applying its newest developments. Thus, for instance, positive results were obtained after using the inhibitor of «DEFENDER» series in the Asian oilfield.

Corrosion inhibitors DEFENDER

Multifunctional Corrosion Inhibitors for oil and gas industry

corrosion and ARPD control in oil production

Problematics of the facility in oil production: high corrosion rates stimulated by high content of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and significant amounts of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD).

Dosage of corrosion inhibitors Defender: Constant feed of the inhibitor in the amount of 10-30 ppm of technological liquid.

Washing and anticorrosive fluids WINCOR

Washing and anticorrosive fluids WINCOR

removal of asphalt-resin-paraffin,  mineral, mechanical depositions, corrosion products, protection of metal equipment from carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide corrosion at enterprises of the oil-and-gas production and processing branches of industry.

high corrosion rates stimulated by high content of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and significant amounts of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD)

Clients references by application results of corrosion inhibitors Defender

There were expressed high level of detergent properties for removing asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) in a model water as well as in the oil. The removal rate for ARPD on the facility at concentrations of 10 ppm, 20 ppm and 30 ppm was 66.54%, 71.03% and 99.54%, accordingly. There were shown high protective properties against the corrosion of steel and on this indicator, at a concentration of 10 ppm or more of the process liquid, the inhibitor is appropriate to the requirements for corrosion protection of reagents used for oil producing and transportation.

corrosion and ARPD protection in oil production

In this way, in the mentioned company, where just one single reagent were used, there were successfully resolved two acute problems: large quantities of ARPD were efficiently removed from the surface of oil production equipment and achieved constantly high corrosion protection of the equipment. The tests clearly confirmed that developed corrosion inhibitor of the fifth generation - «DEFENDER», is a highly effective reagent of complex action that distinguishes it from similar action inhibitors and its appliance more preferable at the oil production facilities. Company Himipex Oil presents unique multifunctional fifth generation corrosion inhibitors of «DEFENDER» series, which completely fulfill all the modern requirements for the products of similar purpose according to its operational and environmental properties.

Multifunctionality (complex action) of our product allows the user to solve the problem of removing various types of deposits (ARPD, minerals, sand and clay, corrosion products, etc.) and the problem of protecting equipment from corrosion, using for these purposes only one our reagent. The customer may cancel the purchase and the use of several (at least 3-4) products that work only for one purpose (that is common-used scheme for the most of world's oil and gas companies), as one our product effectively protects equipment from hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and other types of corrosion, successfully removing and preventing the formation of asphaltene, resin-paraffin, mineral and other types of deposits and can successfully replace the number of detergents, cleaning agents, as well as other chemicals and materials . Hereby, our products, having a unique set of technological and operational characteristics have advantages over well-known products with similar purpose and their applying in comparison with analogues is more profitable in technical, economical and environmental terms.

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