HIMIPEX is Your Partner in fight against corrosion and deposits
in the oil and gas industry

LLP HIMIPEX is a fast growing company created for the elaboration and implementation of highly effective products and innovative technologies at business entities, realization of business projects and developments in the oil and gas sector of the economy, in particular in the field of inhibitor protection from corrosion failures. The products of the company, its state-of-the-art technologies and approaches enhance the efficiency of anticorrosive measures at the enterprises of the specified sector at all stages of their activity: beginning from the production and treatment and to transportation and processing of the extracted production. Well-proven concepts and a wide palette of innovative solutions, as well as the competence and experience of our staff are the governing factor that determines a successful solution of corrosion control problems and other accompanying problems during the extraction, treatment, transportation, and processing of oil and gas. Individual approach to our customers guarantees a successful result of solving specific tasks and problems. Our success is based on strong cooperation with our customers and the creative participation of company’s staff in this process. We propose the engineering solution of your problems in situ. Large practical experience and professional competence of our staff, the use of the latest achievements, materials, and developments enable us to be a reliable partner in science, economics, and industry. 

Presentation of corrosion inhibitors DEFENDER and washing and anticorrosive fluids WINCOR

Application perspectives of corrosion inhibitors FOR WATER SYSTEMS